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Hi, Dr. Susan Brown at Alkaline for Life and the Center for Better Bones. In our programs for health enhancement, we focus a lot on nutrients, both in the food and in supplements. And I get many questions about the supplements. So, I’m going to read some of the common questions and try to answer these, and see… Read More »

7 Red-Flag Health Symptoms Women Should NEVER IGNORE

Hey there, viewers! Your health comes first.   But often, we women ignore our own health while managing our home, family, and work. When was the last time you really, like really, relaxed? If you can’t remember, this is the article for you. Today, we’re going to talk about 7 health symptoms women should never ignore. Feeling short… Read More »

Best Auto Insurance 2021 | What is Fault State or No-Fault State?

  Do you know about Auto Insurance? Or Fault State or No-Fault State? Lets know all about that.  We will know all with an interesting history and example. About of Auto Insurance and Fault State or No-Fault State Auto Insurance everybody, my name is Ethen Rotroff. I am an injury lawyer outside of the Philadelphia area. And today,… Read More »

Best Alternative Investments insurance 2021 | How To Invest In Alternative Investments insurance?

Welcome back. You will know How To Invest In Alternative Investments insurance? Now this lesson is different from most of the other episodes. insurance. Today I’m going to answer your question about how to invest in alternative assets? Now, what are alternative assets? Well, they could be gold, they could be bitcoins, they could be precious metal, they… Read More »

Health Insurance Plans for year 2021 compare and save before you buy

Hi everyone this article will cover health insurance plans available for the year 2021 with a side-by-side comparison of various health plans. if you are shopping for medical insurance for the year 2021 this presentation will possibly help, you decide what plan would work best for you. and your family presently I need to be clear from the… Read More »