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HTML Basics, HTML Ideas and Advantages and Disadvantages Details

The whole meaning of HTML is HyperText Markup Language. Where HyperText: means what is used as HTTP part of the Internet.  Markup: This means to explain the code that is written with the help of keywords. Language: This means that both humans and computers can read written documents with the help of this language. With the use of this language, it is… Read More »

Blogger vs WordPress! Which is the best?

First, let’s find out what Blogger and WordPress are? We all know more or less that different languages ​​are used to build a website. However, bloggers and WordPress can easily create a website without using coding or programming language. There are many more such sites besides Blogger and WordPress. However, these two are the most used. It is… Read More »

Computer programming (calculation)

Recently, computer programming has become very popular among students. But many students in our country do not know that school-college students fight their skills with programming. In other countries of the world, school-college students are constantly creating new software that The trend is changing, and most school and college students in Bangladesh don’t even know about computer programming.… Read More »