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Samsung’s next Exynos chip will be designed by Artificial Intelligence

Samsung recently released a statement saying that the next generation of Exynos inserts for smartphones and tablets will be designed with the help of artificial intelligence. Thanks to Wired’s report, we know that Samsung will use Synopsys artificial intelligence feature,, to design the next Exynos chipset. In inserts used mostly in South Korean and European markets, not… Read More »

HTML Basics, HTML Ideas and Advantages and Disadvantages Details

The whole meaning of HTML is HyperText Markup Language. Where HyperText: means what is used as HTTP part of the Internet.  Markup: This means to explain the code that is written with the help of keywords. Language: This means that both humans and computers can read written documents with the help of this language. With the use of this language, it is… Read More »

Blogger vs WordPress! Which is the best?

First, let’s find out what Blogger and WordPress are? We all know more or less that different languages ​​are used to build a website. However, bloggers and WordPress can easily create a website without using coding or programming language. There are many more such sites besides Blogger and WordPress. However, these two are the most used. It is… Read More »

Computer programming (calculation)

Recently, computer programming has become very popular among students. But many students in our country do not know that school-college students fight their skills with programming. In other countries of the world, school-college students are constantly creating new software that The trend is changing, and most school and college students in Bangladesh don’t even know about computer programming.… Read More »