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What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing is one of the most technologically advanced technologies in the computer world in recent times. In the current era of ICT, everything depends on the concept of cloud computing. The idea of cloud computing Has ushered in a groundbreaking revolution in the computer world. Cloud computing means renting Internet-based services, software, or hardware. Currently, we are… Read More »

What is nanotechnology, and what can be done?

Nana is a unit of measurement. The Greek word is nanus, and the Latin word is a nanny. Origin. Nana was the first to speak on technology (December 29, 1959). American physicist Richard Feynman. In his speech, he describes a process by which. Each molecule and atom can be skillfully developed and used. Norio Taniguchi, a scientist at… Read More »

What are robotics

The idea or opinion about robotics has been around for a long time. Three hundred twenty years before the birth of Jesus Christ, the Greek philosopher Aristotle defined robotics. According to him, “If every instrument or tool commands or can complete the work in its own will (prescribed program), then there will be no need for a trainer… Read More »

Darwinism, and what is Darwinism?

Pavlov completed this groundbreaking study from 1891 to 1900. A dedicated technician served dog food. Pavlos noticed that the dog’s salivation didn’t just happen when he saw the food. The saliva would start when he saw the technician’s white research coat on his skin. He used to put meat powder in the dog’s mouth uniquely at a particular… Read More »

Power Banks Things you need to know before buying

Many people who have problems with phone charges use Power Bank. If you are a Power Bank User or are thinking of buying Power Bank, today’s article is for you. Today we will discuss what to keep in mind before buying a Power Bank. And you should know these things even if you buy them. Brand: The first mistake… Read More »

FPS – Frame Per Second (Frame Rate)

Today’s article is about FPS = Frame Per Second What? It is important to know why, how much to shoot in FPS. FPS = Frame Per Second; if you do a little ghat video or buy a new Smartphone, you will see that this phone is said to record video at 30FPS, 60FPS, 120FPS, 920 FPS video can… Read More »

Fast Charging Technology – What is it

My phone is not Fast Charging Supported. But if I connect my phone with a Fast Charger, will my phone be charged soon? I will discuss this question in more detail today. Fast Charger (FastCharger). But. Here is the information. Every company Fast Charger- has different names, adaptive Charger, Samsung Fast Charger, and Quick Charger. There are many… Read More »