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Download Messenger Apk Get Messenger – Text and Video Chat for Free Messenger Apk

Hello friends, how are you today? Because we always bring something new to you. Today, we have seen you in front of you, maybe you will love it very much. Anyway, we will talk today about a Facebook official an app messenger. If you have ever used Facebook, you will not have to re-tell about the new messenger. We will be very happy to hear about the matter that we may talk about. Well if you are using a mobile phone you may be familiar with one thing. If you send a wrong message to anyone, then you can mess with it, but you can never delete this message from your girlfriend or wife’s phone. If you want to delete, then log in to your own iD and delete it. But now there is a new update in the messenger. Today, we are very happy to get this feature because it was necessary to bring this.However we do not know the details about messenger before.

Facebook Messenger official Facebook app that lets you text conversations with all your friends on popular social networks. Thanks to this app, you will be able to send and receive text messages that you will be able to continue on your computer later.
Like other instant messaging apps, Facebook Messenger lets you share images, or your location, in text messages; You can open many recipients and chat windows with several people at the same time. Each conversation is then placed in a bubble which you can easily move around on the screen of your device.
If the message you want to talk to is not on Facebook, you can get the word repeatedly and vibrate alert and even respond to simple text messages (on the phone phone). It’s over). Plus, you can call VOIP voice from the app itself.
One of the most entertaining things from Facebook Messenger is a sticker collection, which you can use to personalize your conversations. This funny image is similar to the classic LINE giant emoticons, and they really help to bring your conversations to life.
Facebook Messenger Anyone who regularly uses Facebook (which is probably known to all) will come easily to him. Thanks to this application you will be able to communicate with your friends at any time, and at any time.

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share videos, and make calls that can be audio or video. You can also add your recipients and send them.In conversation with multiple friends, multiple bubbles appear on your device. So, you can choose one of them at a time and create text messages.
Although Messenger is a formal application from Facebook and it allows you to chat with your Facebook friends, but it has become a completely independent messaging app. If you allow the Messenger application to scan through your contacts, it will show you and add all your phone contacts to the app. This means that you can chat with your fbfriends and your phone contacts. Moreover, you can create your friends or family groups where you can chat at any time such as WhatsApp. From audio messages to photos, emoji, you can send documents to your chats.
The most striking thing about this application is the sticker collection that can be used in your conversations to express your feelings during the conversation. The striking feature of this application is that if you uninstall the application, the application will keep your conversations and you can continue your conversation when it is installed Download Messenger Apk Get Messenger – Text and Video Chat for Free Messenger Apkagain.
Be aware that small advertisements are sometimes shown on the Messenger home screen. Thanks to the recent “story” and “news” business which is now used by every application and service. On this day, each messaging app offers mostly the same functionality and features, depending on user-base and user preferences that they want to use. Although it does not matter on Facebook like a company, because they are popular all popular apps such as WhatsApp and Instagram owner.

Facebook Messenger Review
The Facebook Messenger for Android provides many interesting features to users. Audio clips, images, videos and customized big emojes can be sent through messenger. Is a feature that allows users to send money through the services provided. This app has a lot of stickers that appear as attractive, small, and high quality images. If you download the application to enjoy hiped fun instead of the messaging core feature, you can use VoIP calls or video chat features. The Voice Call feature allows us to have a conversation in a group.
In addition, Facebook has kept privacy as the main concern. That’s why developers have created secret conversation modes to respect the privacy of its users. You can set the mode from the setting and choose a phone to be the default. This feature is called a secret conversation because it ends up being encrypted. This means that users can read only the selected device to send and receive messages. Can not message Facebook or legitimate authority. Secret modes are encrypted using the Open Source Signal Protocol. Only messages from recipients using this secret conversation mood can be read by

* Send a message – Skip exchange phone number, just send a message. It is seamless across the device.
* Show your feedback – Add a silly sticker, send a dance gif and use emoji to reveal yourself better.
* Share photos and videos – Capture the moment with the messenger camera, add a filter or doodle, then send it to friends or share in stories.
* Rallyin party – Plan to combine with vote, share your location, split the bill and more.
* HOP in a call or video chat – anytime in call or group video, stay out ** Chat – filters are optional 🙂 ** Free calls from Wi-Fi, but otherwise the standard data charge is applicable.
* Send a voice message – When the text does not cut it, just hit the record and say, sing or shout loudly.
* Send money safely and easily (between US, UK and France only) – Add and debit payments from friends to your app by adding your debit card or PayPal * account. * PayPal is only available in the US
* Share your location – Recommend a meeting spot or tell your friends by sharing your location with just a few taps.
* Chat with business – Easily connect with your favorite business to get reservations, get customers, get deals, and more.
* Play games with friends – Challenge friends, climb Leaderboard, and discover your next gaming obsession.
In normal mode of messaging it is encrypted to intercept encryption keys. That said, the message can still read by the legitimate authority with Facebook or the court order. Here are the pros and cons of this app.
 This is a free application.
 Your privacy is safe.
 Fun Applications
Too has many more insignificant built-in applications.
It does not require many methods and explanations to get started. You do not have to create a Facebook account to use this messenger. Basically, it only takes your mobile phone number. When the setup comes, you will be asked to allow your mobile phone number to access and access your contacts. Setup does not consume so much time. If you already have a Facebook account, log in to your existing account and start setup. When the required process is completed, you are already logged into the application and ready to use it. All messages and contacts will be automatically transferred after confirmation.
 Now you can see your call history and missed calls in one place.

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