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Download Parallel Space And Multiple Account For Android Phone

Welcome to techfeedbd.com on our site. If You are want to Clone Any Application You can use Parallel Space. Parallel Space can Hide You r Android Id and All the Important Code are make Secret. Below I have Post A new Video In our YouTube channel. Hare Are you can Get Bla Bla Hacking by using Parallel Space. Bla Bla Connect is a Most Important Apps in google play. When Bla Bla Connect are install in your Android Phone they Get easily In your Android Id. anyway, You cannot hack This Application But If You are use to Parallel Space You can Hack any Application easily. Most Of the multiple Application Parallel Space is Most Important Application In Google Play.
Simultaneously clone and run multiple accounts of the same app and use them to style your unique space.
As one of Android’s top-categorized tools, parallel space helps more than 90 million users of multiple accounts on the same device and highlights their style. It protects user privacy by creating applications in incognito resource features. In addition, users are able to customize their cloned app themes and parallel themes to their own places. Parallel spaces support up to 24 languages ​​and are compatible with most Android apps. Get instant parallel place to manage multiple accounts, protect privacy, and customize your own space.

★ Multiple devices in the same device simultaneously log in to the social networking app or game app
• Balance between users’ lives and ease of work.
• Double users experience online gaming and have more fun.
• Almost all applications are supported for parallel space secondary accounts. Information from both accounts will not interfere with each other.
★ Protect user privacy, create invisible applications on device via incognito installation
• Hide users’ privacy practices without concerns about privacy practices.
• Protect user privacy with a security lock.
★ Create a customized space by applying the theme
• A theme store is integrated in parallel spaces and a list of customized themes is ready to be applied to your own space style.
• A unique space style by a customized theme. Users can switch different themes to one-tap with their mood.

★ Switch between accounts with just one-tap fast
• Run two accounts at once and easily switch between them with one-tap to manage multiple accounts.

• Powerful, stable and easy to use.
• Unique: The parallel place is the first application virtualization engine based on MultiDroid-based Android.

• Permission: Parallel space should be applied in a parallel position to work normally. For example, if the parallel position does not allow you to gain your position, you can send your location to your parallel place. Parallel spaces do not collect your personal information to protect confidentiality.
• Consumer goods: Parallel space is not too much memory, battery and data that are actually consumed by running applications inside. Details can be found in ‘storage’ and ‘task manager’, which can be found in ‘Settings’ in Parallel Space.
• Notification: Please add some ‘Boost Apps’ whitelist or parallel place to an exceptional list to ensure that some social networking applications work well.• Contradictions: You can not run two accounts of any social networking applications. You must use a different mobile number to activate your own account.

For any urgent issues, please contact our official WhatsApp: +86 18201691197. Please note that the hotline service is currently not supported.

Any way, if You are want to Downlaod This Application in Other website you can Below See the Downlaod Link.

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Parallel Space is a most powerful application in google play. If You are want to clone any application You can easyli Clone Apps By this Application. Download Parallel space for Your Android Phone . To get more enjoy in your android Phone you can use Parallel Space.




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