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By | September 28, 2021
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the easiest way to insurance make money online sign up for it now we literally have a 62-year-old woman.
hey, guys how’s it going mike fails here welcome this video before we actually gonna remind you that several spots have opened up for this week’s free workshop where. it’s the fastest and easiest way to insurance make money online sign up for it now we literally have a 62-year-old woman. go from zero to and sixty thousand dollars with this interesting new method so check it out now. so I’m disgustingly obsessive when it comes to learning ways to generate like for example passive income as you can see an example there was a point in my life. when I did not enjoy my life I was literally stuck in this place right here. where I was stuck as like this occupation that I did not enjoy and I realized okay for me to make money. I need to go ahead and not trade my time for money which is why we got into all these different businesses like for example one business. went from zero to eight grand in the first 30days another business went from zero to six grand in 30 days so 1.6 million that first year with 30 profit and another one. which is one of my favorite businesses which is a digital real-estate business where we rent out you know digital real estate to people that want to go and rent that digital property goes. and promote their services to we get anywhere from 35 grand or 46grand a month so now I have some type of capital that I can work with that. if want to start a microloan company or a lending company or to legally like rent out my money and have people take loans on my like money that I could get an interest of the kind of like a bank. Then could go ahead and do that right but then I started thinking is that actually the best approach to actuallylegallymake money lending. you know loans out to other people because number one. I would have to, for example, invest my own capital right which could be risky what if somebody for example borrows money from me and can’t pay back would lose money. they would default on their loan. if I don’t have some type of collateral I would literally lose money. so it can be very pretty much risky right This is why when you for example google things like how to start a microlending company following these um 10 steps on how to start a they give you the traditional business advice like plan your business step number onium step number two find a legal form a legal entity. you could do it with LegalZoom right step number three register for taxes step number four open a business bank account. and credit card step number uh five which is set up business accounting we use zero-step number six to obtain necessary permits and licenses. and step number seven get business insurance. so that you Montrose a bunch of money if some bad thing happens step number eight define your brain, and step number nine you know to create your business website you know it kind of does everything backward and this is also assuming if you have the money to go ahead. and for example loan it out, and I’m assuming if you’re watching this video you do have like, for example, they’re their situation if they ask themselves like how much money that you could earn like look at this they said if you get 600 loans in a year you’ll make 60 grand that’s assuming that you could give 600 loans at 500 a pop what is that math. so you would need about 300 000to then get to the point where you’re making 60 000a year right but guess what most people don’t have 300 000so you’re probably wondering what is the most creative way that people are starting literally starting loan companies where they don’t actually have to you know loan out their own money they don’t have to network with investors. that are going to give you hundreds of thousand dollars which realistically for anyone watching this youtube video probably won’t be the case how can someone with no experience money whatsoever create a moneylending company legally that uh you know they can actually earn money from without actually investing their own money or other people’s money and once I figured this out it just blew my mind and we started doubling downing on this business but before we actually go. into this, I’ll remind you this isn’tfinancial advice I’m not a financial advisor. I’m some guy that has traveled around the world learned a bunch of ways to make money online. and just spoke at a bunch of events to teach people exactly all the ways. that I found freedom like this one was in Thailand this one was in Bali this one was in las vegas and if you want to learn also all the other ways that we’ve done to make money there are 77 free chichi guys in the links below but remember most important partis this isn’t financial advice right soy want to break down one of the best money lending companies that is legally occurring right now that makes so much money but they have very little of therian that’s, for example, funders now look at this compare multiple small business loans options at once and they make a lot of money. but guess what they’re not actually loaning out their own money you know what they dishearten with existing micro-lending companies. and existing loan companies and existing mortgage companies and they get a huge commission when they refer those people to the business because essentially then not only are you not investing. your own capital not only do you have to network with a bunch of investors you’re essentially a broker between. someone who wants a loan and someone who has the money. and the finances actually give the loan because real estate is so watching this YouTube video probably does not have 300 000 liquid to make you know the 60 000 a year profit righter most people will not have the ability to go ahead. and network with really successful people like what I do here invalid like this 11-year-old girl that interviewed on my podcast made 30million dollars this guy that makes a million dollars from a profit um with his business. I could go up to them and you know say hey let’s start this business we’re going to loan this money out but most people watching this video won’t have that capability. but what they can do is model what funder did right because fonder literally does 15.6million dollars a year in revenue for loans that they’re not even loaning their own money out does that make sense. and it’s ridiculous because like. I said anybody can literally do this kind of like following the approach that I saw on how to start an LLC right. because here is the traditional way of starting like a microloan company or moneylending. business is you would need capital right but what if we kind of flip this on the other side and instead we started by for example building abradant a website right that’s really wharfinger did Bandera could have simply went to a link like this on how to start a blog in a website which you could literally go in the free 77 teaching below and start a website just like that and a website’s actually crazy. because it’s only like a couple of dollars a month to go ahead and manage right a little the cost of a couple of cups of coffee a month you could have a website kind of like funder right we have a bunch of tutorials on that the next step that they. did is they defined what person would they want to loan money out to that will be the highest level of customer. that will not only get the most amount of loans to borrow right but will actually also pay it back so the person that they’re you know loaning the money from can get interested and a return in their investment because for example. if made for example 500 grand in a business-like with this one business right here have the city in my bank camp. right could literally loan it out to someone and get like for example a 10like interest from that or 20 interests. that when by the time they give my500 grand back. maybe they give back 600000so I essentially made a hundred grand by doing nothing just lending it out rights. you want to define who your target market is and I’m going to give you the hint small business owners are the mostlucrativelike niche. because they’re the hungriest they’re the most willing to for example go out. and put themselves out there and then the most certain that they can make their business idea happen because they’re all in on this right and business owners understand that okay sometimes it takes money to make money and I have to pay back this loan and there’s also another collateral. but the coolest thing about this is you don’t have to worry about any of that. because you are also outsourcing the lending company itself so as you can see they focus on small businesses. so what do they end up doing they create contention all the things that small businessowners would go ahead and for example look at like best accounting software hugest free accounting software best bookkeeping apps? you know Xero Quickbooks QuickBooks QuickBooks uh zero versus QuickBooks for zero versus sage. and they create content on this now you’re probably wondering well how would. I know what small businesses go ahead and search for what content can go ahead and you know attract these people to my website what’s very simple. if literally go to google I can literally just type in best accounting and look at this is what people are searching for uh accounting books best accounting firm best accounting applaud then what you could do is you could then come in. and type in like, for example, small business loan affiliate program and you can see just how huge amount of like money you can make from just like recommending the loan. so check this outlook at this like on deck Hasan affiliate program where it gives you business loans and helps you purchase inventory now look at this they give you two percent commissions so someone, for example, gets a hundred grand loan. you would get about two thousand dollars for that right. but then you can see this one right here commercial loan elect to look at this commission’s commissions twelve hundred dollars whenever someone goes ahead and gets a loan from the right or another one which is the national business capital right commission is unlisted. but of course, you know offers loans starting at ten thousand dollars topping out at around three million. and they would give you a huge percentage when you go ahead and recommend that or go capital. you can see go capital also gives. you huge amounts of business loans as well and what people are actually doing with all these things right. look at this they provide loans from 1000 to 50 000 and also offer competitive loans starting at five percent with no repayment they all literally give you know some type of referral kickback to some company like for example um you could see Lakendra right. and that’s really what they do they create content based on what business owners do look for. and then when they want to go ahead. and find the likesome type of you know for example loan option. they recommend them to other people’s businesses. and other people’s loan business so you can literally go ahead and click on all of these things and put in for all their emails. you can see the loan requests that you need. and the loan purpose and they do like something very interesting where they help you, for example, find some type of loan. and they recommend those products. but you’re probably wondering well how would I go ahead and do this remember you got to find out what people are searching for. so if I just type in best small business loans all these things are what people are searching for best small business loans for startups up for bad credit australiabestsmall business to start a business Canada near me no credit check. and what people are doing they’re creating content around this so if I literally go ahead and for example type in best small business loans for bad credit. you could see that you know people are just creating simple pieces of content like this or if anyone goes to for example any one of these things like for example on deck check this out they’re literally recommending on deck but as you can see on decks one of the affiliate programs right here where you could essentially recommend them to on deck which is already, for example, a loan company and they’ll pay you two percent commissions depending on how many like the money. they go-ahead. and for example, borrow from these people does that make sense, and then loan builder a PayPal service Lendio blue vine all these are loan companies and microloan companies where you can literally borrow anywhere from a thousand dollars to a million dollars. and they’ll give you the loan but instead of you loaning your own money you would just get a huge percentage of it. so that’s literally what a lot of these you know content providers are doing is they’re essentially creating content based on what people are searching for. and then partnering with the loan company that will do the microloans themselves so that you don ‘tactually have to loan your own money. and this is just what affiliate marketing is if you want to know even faster ways to do affiliate marketing. well, we teach people all around the world like in Thailand in bail in las Vegas. and you want to find out how people are going from zero to a thousand dollars a day with this new method then make sure you sign up for this week’s free workshop. but low because it’s fast. and easiest way to make money online as well check out my podcast of all these really successful people that live here in Bali like this 11 you’ll go to turn on 30million dollars and this kind of makes a million dollars for profit so right here hope this helps. and remember this isn’t financial advice. I’m not a financial advisor consult your local tax professional love. you guys see you guys later.

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