What are the rules in a narcissistic home insurance?

By | October 1, 2021


rules in narcissistic home insurance.

They are not written. They do not communicate verbally. They are learned through shame and humiliation, silence, punishment, and rewards. According to the needs of the genitors.

Children are not subject to a fixed or safe pattern of behavior. What they do perfectly today and the parents praise, tomorrow is a mockery, indifference, or public humiliation. Or what a son does is rewarded and condemned in the brother. There are no rules. There is no employer, there is no family, there are only more important things (work earn money), valuable (the gaze of others, the public focus, social recognition,) would be(take revenge on someone to compete with someone to get something) and urgent (parties, meetings, funerals …).. children adapt by developing psychological mechanisms that allow them to survive. And those mechanisms are very complex. They can barely sense where all the garbage is coming from. Most cannot observe their parents and acknowledge the abuse suffered… taught from children to praise the FAMILY, they are unable to face the truth, and that is that they have not been loved, loved only when it was convenient, interested and there was an expectant public.

One of the talisman words of abusive parents is FAMILY.

FAMILY. . What for the rest of mortals is the home, the heat, the love, the understanding, for them is a blanket that covers, wraps, and hides the practice of a horrific crime: SELFISHNESS.

Members end up developing disorders of different types.

There is an article on the Internet titled “The Toxic Family, a Factory of Experimental Neuroses.”

I encourage Quora readers who are interested in the topic to read it. It is clarifying.

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