Possible causes of dizziness are: health equity or will county health department

By | September 17, 2021

Possible causes of dizziness are: health equity or will county health department

1) Dizziness and dizziness may occur due to inner ear problems. healthy food

One of the causes of dizziness is benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV). Our inner ear contains sensing crystals made up of calcium and proteins, called autocue. If these crystals are displaced and continue to float in the canal between our inner ear, the head may spin or tingle for a short time. BPPV is a very common problem of the inner ear. About one in a thousand people are infected each year. It can happen to anyone in adulthood. However, adults are more likely to be affected by this type of vertigo. In most cases, the exact cause of the infection is not known.  health equity
However, BPPV is associated with trauma, migraines, cochlear infections, diabetes, and osteoporosis. Within five years of treatment, 50 percent of patients can be re-infected, especially if it is due to trauma.
The inner ear balance system controls our blood flow and the inner ear has up-and-down knowledge. That is, when you get up from bed, the two structures of the inner ear, the utricle, and the sacrum feel gravity. They send signals to your cardiovascular system to control blood flow in line with changes in your position. Dysentery or dizziness may occur when there is a problem with this process.
2) Vitamin B-12 or cobalamin deficiency can cause dizziness –

The deficiency of this essential vitamin can lead to many neurological problems. For example, feeling off-balance, lowering blood pressure, decreased blood flow to the brain. If there is a deficiency of the B-12 vitamins, it can be easily understood and filled. But the lack of B-12 is often overlooked when it comes to dizziness.
3) In many cases dizziness may be a symptom of heart disease –

Some of the cardiovascular causes of dizziness are rupture or narrowing of the heart valve, arrhythmia: symptoms – such as atrial fibrillation and atherosclerosis. These can cause dizziness, as they interfere with blood flow to the brain.
4) Migraine can cause dizziness –

There is a link between migraine and dizziness. Other symptoms of migraine-related vertigo/dizziness are hypersensitivity to movement, light, and sound. About 40 percent of people with migraines may have dementia or vertigo.
5) Links to Anxiety –

Many people, especially those in their twenties and thirties, who feel dizzy/dizzy are anxious. These people usually do not want to admit that there may be a connection between anxiety and dizziness. Excessive anxiety can also result from a disruption of brain function. It even has the potential to be genetic.
Comparisons between anxious and anxiety-free people have been found to show that those who are anxious are more affected by the moving scene. These people are unusually sensitive to visual stimulation. The incidence of dizziness or lightheadedness increases when they see moving objects or walk through bright and large rooms. This is called visual dependence.
6) ‘Mal de debarquement’ (Mal de debarquement) –

It is very normal to feel dizzy after returning from a sea voyage. This feeling is called ‘mal de devarkemen’. In some cases this feeling lasts for months, in others, it can last for years. About 75% of sailors experience this. This can happen even after traveling by plane, car, or train.
6) There may be side effects of any medicine – health point

There are many medications that can make you feel drowsy. High doses of drugs used to control blood pressure can cause dizziness. This problem is more common in older people.
Before taking the medicine, you can ask the doctor to make sure that there is a possibility of dysentery or vertigo. However, thinking that you may feel dizzy, there is no need to stop taking the medicine. Most people do not notice the side effects of the drug.
6) Dehydration or diet can also cause dizziness or lightheadedness –

Slight dehydration can also cause dizziness. Blood pressure decreases due to dehydration. The result is a feeling of dizziness.
Eating habits can also cause dehydration in the body, which can lead to dizziness. If the body weight is reduced by 1 to 2 percent, then a small amount of dehydration also causes dizziness.
9) If you do not eat for a long time, diabetic patients take more insulin or take insulin on an empty stomach, blood sugar decreases and dizziness occurs. mental health day

10) If the spondylosis of the neck is too much, there is often a problem of balance.

11) If you see blood or if you are standing continuously, you may feel dizzy. This is called a vasovagal attack.

12) Deadly illnesses like stroke or brain tumors can also cause degeneration or dizziness.

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