How to apply facebook blue badge

How to apply facebook blue badge

How to apply facebook blue badge .Blue badge is an icon that is given to celebrities.
If you are a popular person or public figure, Then the Facebook company will give it to you.
But to apply, you must obey the terms. You will notice that there are celebrities who have an icon next to their name. So now I will discuss with you how to get it.


It’s hard to hear or you can easily apply for it. The conditions that you must meet and all the work you need to do in order to apply. You can all try and see if it gives you. If you get it, your Facebook ID will be safe for the public, And everyone applies for security. Once you get it, your Facebook ID will not be easily lost. And if it gets damaged or Facebook is suspended then it is possible to bring it back. How important a Facebook ID is when the ID is lost.

How to apply facebook blue badge

How to apply facebook blue badge
How to apply facebook blue badge

So the security of your ID is definitely an application for this. The simplest way is how to apply your application, but today I am to you. if you don’t understand, then I have a video on YouTube.

1.First you click on the 38 menu from the Facebook app

2.Then to your help center.

3. There you will find a search icon.

4. Enter the icon Blue badge.

5. From there, click on the contact frame.

6. From there, fill out your form and submit your ID card.

7. Then the additional information is filled out.

Who to write aditional inaformation:

Dear Facebook community,
I am a creator at facebook and Youtube, And I’ve already confirmed my identity card with fFacebook verified. So it’s important to verify my facebook profile. Please give me blue verification badge on my facebook profile.
Thank You Facebook team.

9. Finally click on the Send button.

Receiving a notification within 24 hours.

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