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How To Install Google Camera With Night Sight on LG G5, G6, V20, V30, and V35

How To Install Google Camera With Night Sight on LG G5, G6, V20, V30, and V35 Good news for all fixes with LG G5, G6, V20, V30, and V35 Now you can enjoy less light photography on your device. Recently Google has introduced their new Pixel 3 device, which brings both HDR + and Night Sites features. Well, The Night feature allows the user to click on a picture in the pitch and the camera software will turn into a bright and uninterrupted photo without using LED flash. Today, an XDA senior member portals Google Camera for cstark27 LG G5, G6, V20, V30, and V35, which brings HDR + and Night site features to the top.
Google Camera for these LG G and V series devices, its complete credits for porting HDR + and Night sites This APK and related features will work on Android 9.0 PCs running devices. It will not support any operating system under Android Pie. Check out the list here that this feature is already ported to many devices
Well, it usually happens with PORTED APKs, which are known to have some bugs in this app. These include EIS, video focus and slow quality. However, on each bug fixable and upcoming port, these glitches must be taken care by the developer.

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Download Google camera
Here’s a link to the ported application that packs Google Camera for HDR + and Night Sight for LG G5, G6, V20, V30, and V35.
The APK installation process is quite easy. You can install it with any other APK. Permission request permission. This will not affect your device in any way, because you still have your phone’s stock camera app that you can use.
Night-Side Mode Preview on LG Devices
Here are some images of XDA, which uses night vision mode on this supported LG device.
When it comes to the camera app, the stock Google Camera is hard to beat. It is pre-installed on all pixels devices. Often, Google includes some simple features that can take pictures of the next level with mobile phones. Google Cameras has always been a popular application, but it has gained popularity since the launch of the Night Site.
If you do not know the Night site, it’s a camera mode that lets you take even the brightest pictures in the darkest environment. This is possible for Google’s advanced software, which has the most advanced algorithm on the planet. Until now, everything else like Knights cape and HDR + is Google’s night vision.
Only negative aspects of Night vision are exclusive in pixel devices. This feature is not activated on other phones with the Google Camera app. The good news is that developers are able to port the Google Camera app and enable NightSite on many Android phones.


The developer released a Google Camera App port for the Citycat 27 LG G6, G5, V30, V2 and V35. The Port App includes all stock features, as well as Night sites. The camera application works as expected with no visible bugs. Based on some photos taken by LG’s stock camera and Google’s night-site mode, there are two visible differences. Nightly photos taken at LG V30 are more vibrant and more enjoyable in the eyes.
How to install Google Camera and enable the G.G6, G5, V2, V30, Night sites
Camera application is a simple apk file. All you have to do is download the application and install it yourself. You do not need a root or custom recovery to install the application. It’s that simple.


• Google Camera Night Vision App
Download the camera app on your phone. If you have downloaded it on your computer, transfer the file to your phone. Tap the APK file and select Install. Wait for the installation to complete. Go to the app drawer and turn on the camera app. Go to the settings menu and enable Night Sites.
Now you can take pictures on your LG device using Night Sites’s Advanced Algorithm. Have You can Type Of Question You can Comment Us And Connected With Our YouTube Channel

The Google Camera app is one thing that separates pixels from competition. Combining cutting-edge hardware of devices, the experience is unparalleled and is one of the best in the market now. The developer community for Google Camera Port is astonished for the better part of this year. Members have successfully created a Google Camera port for on-pixel devices such as OnePlus 6T and Poco F1 Although there are still many devices that have not yet been port, the list is just getting bigger. Today, some LG phone owners will eventually get the change to get the taste of Google Camera. This app has made great improvements on many smartphones and now we have Night Site-Ready Port for LG G6, LG V20 LG V30 and LG V35 Thinquo.

Stock LG Cameras are by any elements of the application and are hosted in various exclusive features. However, when it comes to a simple point and clicking on photos, Google Camera still has the highest governance. Apart from the traditional low-light photography techniques, Google sets up Nightclub’s site, which it otherwise uses Google’s machine learning power in ‘Inserted’ light in dark film. Built on XDA Developer User, this port includes Night Site features.

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