Phone can be controlled by mouth

US technology giant Google’s operating system Android has come up with tools specifically for capable people. As part of the fourth beta version of Android 12, the beta version of Android Accessibility Shoot brings new controls to the phone. News Engadget. According to the report, the phone can be controlled through the user’s mouth through a new accessibility… Read More »

HTML Basics, HTML Ideas and Advantages and Disadvantages Details

The whole meaning of HTML is HyperText Markup Language. Where HyperText: means what is used as HTTP part of the Internet.  Markup: This means to explain the code that is written with the help of keywords. Language: This means that both humans and computers can read written documents with the help of this language. With the use of this language, it is… Read More »

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing is one of the most technologically advanced technologies in the computer world in recent times. In the current era of ICT, everything depends on the concept of cloud computing. The idea of cloud computing Has ushered in a groundbreaking revolution in the computer world. Cloud computing means renting Internet-based services, software, or hardware. Currently, we are… Read More »

What is nanotechnology, and what can be done?

Nana is a unit of measurement. The Greek word is nanus, and the Latin word is a nanny. Origin. Nana was the first to speak on technology (December 29, 1959). American physicist Richard Feynman. In his speech, he describes a process by which. Each molecule and atom can be skillfully developed and used. Norio Taniguchi, a scientist at… Read More »

Blogger vs WordPress! Which is the best?

First, let’s find out what Blogger and WordPress are? We all know more or less that different languages ​​are used to build a website. However, bloggers and WordPress can easily create a website without using coding or programming language. There are many more such sites besides Blogger and WordPress. However, these two are the most used. It is… Read More »

What are robotics

The idea or opinion about robotics has been around for a long time. Three hundred twenty years before the birth of Jesus Christ, the Greek philosopher Aristotle defined robotics. According to him, “If every instrument or tool commands or can complete the work in its own will (prescribed program), then there will be no need for a trainer… Read More »

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is coming to the market after all the curiosity of the tech lovers has come. Let’s take a look at the details of this iPhone from the following reviews. Specification: Display: (Primary) 6.70-inch RAM & ROM: 8GB, 256GB Processor: 2.95GHz octa-core, Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+ Rear Camera: 12MPUltra Wide + 12MP wide-angle Front Camera:… Read More »

Viber vs WhatsApp -Are you using the wrong one 😱

We all use social messaging SoftwareSoftware. Someone WhatsApp User. There is much such Software like Vibe, Messenger, Line, Telegram, which we all use. When I select to use a Social Message Software, we do not notice the good and the bad, but our family members or friends use any software, we also move towards that SoftwareSoftware. Which of… Read More »

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