Security risks in Chrome browser

Google has discovered seven new security risks in the Chrome browser of US search giant Google. So they advise users to update the Chrome browser as soon as possible. Google announced the new cyber risk in a blog post. Cybercriminals did not elaborate on how to take advantage of those vulnerabilities in the Chrome browser. Technology site TechReader… Read More »

Acer’s mid-range laptop

  Another new brand of laptop has hit the technology market in the Corona epidemic. The name of this new laptop is Acer Extensa 15E X215-52-36YW. This laptop has 4 GB RAM as well as 2 cell lithium battery.   Let’s find out all the specifications of this laptop:The operating system of this laptop is Free DOS. The… Read More »

Facebook has closed 3 thousand accounts

Since the start of the Corona epidemic, social media giant Facebook has taken tougher steps than ever before to prevent the spread of misinformation about health. In addition to deleting millions of posts with incorrect information, the technology giant has also closed more than 3,000 accounts of various organizations and individuals. News Engadget. The community recently published the… Read More »

Phone can be controlled by mouth

US technology giant Google’s operating system Android has come up with tools specifically for capable people. As part of the fourth beta version of Android 12, the beta version of Android Accessibility Shoot brings new controls to the phone. News Engadget. According to the report, the phone can be controlled through the user’s mouth through a new accessibility… Read More »

HTML Basics, HTML Ideas and Advantages and Disadvantages Details

The whole meaning of HTML is HyperText Markup Language. Where HyperText: means what is used as HTTP part of the Internet.  Markup: This means to explain the code that is written with the help of keywords. Language: This means that both humans and computers can read written documents with the help of this language. With the use of this language, it is… Read More »

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing is one of the most technologically advanced technologies in the computer world in recent times. In the current era of ICT, everything depends on the concept of cloud computing. The idea of cloud computing Has ushered in a groundbreaking revolution in the computer world. Cloud computing means renting Internet-based services, software, or hardware. Currently, we are… Read More »