FPS – Frame Per Second (Frame Rate)

Today’s article is about FPS = Frame Per Second What? It is important to know why, how much to shoot in FPS. FPS = Frame Per Second; if you do a little ghat video or buy a new Smartphone, you will see that this phone is said to record video at 30FPS, 60FPS, 120FPS, 920 FPS video can… Read More »

Fast Charging Technology – What is it

My phone is not Fast Charging Supported. But if I connect my phone with a Fast Charger, will my phone be charged soon? I will discuss this question in more detail today. Fast Charger (FastCharger). But. Here is the information. Every company Fast Charger- has different names, adaptive Charger, Samsung Fast Charger, and Quick Charger. There are many… Read More »

Google vs Huawei – HMS and App Gallery

Huawei App Gallery has taken third place after Google Play Store and Apple Store. In addition, HMS = Huawei Mobile Service has introduced a few days ago. Huawei App Gallery – Last year, the number of Views was 400-Million +. Collect so many views in a short time but not a lot of accessible business. Google has a… Read More »