Power Banks Things you need to know before buying

Many people who have problems with phone charges use Power Bank. If you are a Power Bank User or are thinking of buying Power Bank, today’s article is for you. Today we will discuss what to keep in mind before buying a Power Bank. And you should know these things even if you buy them. Brand: The first mistake… Read More »

YouTube Earnings Deduction Issue Explained

The dollars or money that we earn from YouTube. All his money but does not come to our bank account. Some dollars or cash is deducted from there. Why is it done? Many people go to YouTube Analytics and see Estimate Revenue; there, you will often see one-day, two-day, or three-day-after-dollar increase and then decrease again. Many people… Read More »

Huawei Y7p Best Review 2021

The official price of “Huawei Y7p” in Bangladesh is 18,990 rupees. Since this iPhone is Med In China, it has not been assembled or manufactured in Bangladesh. Understand. So a hefty tax has been added to it. So the price is a little bit. We have been using the Huawei Y7p phone for some time now. Today I… Read More »

Oppo A92 Full Specifications

Oppo recently launched their new device. We have ‘Oppo A92’. This phone is priced at Rs 22,990 in Bangladesh. At this price, this phone is offering some pretty good features. And at the same time, some things looked terrible in our eyes. Today’s article will have a detailed discussion on all these issues. We will discuss the experience… Read More »

Tecno Spark 5 Pro Full Review

Tecno has recently launched another device in the Bangladesh market. That is ‘Tecno Spark 5 Pro’. Today we will share the experience we have gained over the last few days using ‘Tecno Spark 5 Pro’. The price of this phone is Rs 12,990. Today’s article will discuss how much this phone will be appropriate at this price, and… Read More »

FPS – Frame Per Second (Frame Rate)

Today’s article is about FPS = Frame Per Second What? It is important to know why, how much to shoot in FPS. FPS = Frame Per Second; if you do a little ghat video or buy a new Smartphone, you will see that this phone is said to record video at 30FPS, 60FPS, 120FPS, 920 FPS video can… Read More »

Fast Charging Technology – What is it

My phone is not Fast Charging Supported. But if I connect my phone with a Fast Charger, will my phone be charged soon? I will discuss this question in more detail today. Fast Charger (FastCharger). But. Here is the information. Every company Fast Charger- has different names, adaptive Charger, Samsung Fast Charger, and Quick Charger. There are many… Read More »

Google vs Huawei – HMS and App Gallery

Huawei App Gallery has taken third place after Google Play Store and Apple Store. In addition, HMS = Huawei Mobile Service has introduced a few days ago. Huawei App Gallery – Last year, the number of Views was 400-Million +. Collect so many views in a short time but not a lot of accessible business. Google has a… Read More »