Computer programming (calculation)

By | April 27, 2021

Recently, computer programming has become very popular among students. But many students in our country do not know that school-college students fight their skills with programming. In other countries of the world, school-college students are constantly creating new software that The trend is changing, and most school and college students in Bangladesh don’t even know about computer programming.

Calculation of Bangla Synonyms of Programming. Computer programming can be easily explained with a computer program; a computer program gives instructions to a computer on which a computer performs a specific task.

The computer will not do anything by itself unless we give any instructions to the computer. Our instructions are shown on the computer with the help of some program. The computer’s CPU (Control Processing Unit) works with these instructions.

Computer programming language:

As we understand specific languages, there are computers and particular languages. The laptop will not work if you instruct the computer in any language. Programming languages ​​are used to teach computers. There are many languages ​​for computer programming. Programming language. It is a kind of artificial language that instructs the computer to control the behavior of the computer.

Some popular programming languages:

C, C ++, Objective-C, Java, PHP, C #, Python, Perl, etc.

Programming and career?

Why learn to program? You can find the answer to this question from the following part. We all know the name of Google, the world’s largest software maker, Microsoft. If you want to work in these big companies, you have to take programming as an addiction today. Individuals are always looking for these institutions.

If you want to hire others in your software company, not work, then become proficient in programming yourself and investing. First, you have to handle many things for which it is essential to have your programming and technological ideas. Again, if you don’t want to work, if you’re going to outsource at home, you can earn good money by learning to program. Even if you’re going to be a web developer or mobile app developer, you must have some programming knowledge.

International programming competition

The International Informatics Olympiad is organized for school and college students and the ACM International Collegiate Programming Competition (ACM-ICPC) is scheduled for university graduates. The dignity of the competition is much higher.

International Informatics Olympiad

Informatics for those of you who are in school or college. One of the most prestigious competitions in computer science is the International Informatics Olympiad. At the International Informatics Olympiad, students in school colleges worldwide compete for their programming skills. A maximum of 4 contestants from each country can take part in the competition. Each has to participate in the contest individually. To select these four, the Informatics Olympiad is organized nationally among the students of Bangladesh. Is given.

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