What is a domain name Learn about generic domains and country domains?

By | May 20, 2021

 What is a domain name? Learn about generic domains and country domains

 If you want to visit a website in a corner, the address you type in the browser’s address bar is called.

Dominion. Such as www.facebook.com, www.yahoo.com. And the way to control the domain name.

It is also called DNS (Domain Name System). It is tough to remember the IP address, so a name is used in contrast to that IP address. And

That is called a domain name. That is, expressing the IP address as an alphanumeric is called a domain name.

Is. The next part of the dot (.) A domain name is called TLD or Top Level Domain. This TLD

Again divided into two parts.


1. Generic Domain

2. Country Domain

Generic domain:

 There are seven types of domain judging by Inter NIC

Dopamine type is provided. According to the information obtained from the internet in 2012, there are 27 types of domain types

Is used. Currently, more than 27 domain types are being used.

Below are a few common domains

.Com Commercial In the case of commercial establishments

In the case of .edu Educational Educational Institutions

.gov Government In the case of government institutions

In the case of .int International

.biz Business In the case of commercial organizations

Org Organization In case of an organization or non-profit organization

In the case of .net Network

.mil In the case of military forces

Country domain:

Recently, country domains are associated with generic domain names so that more.

It is clear which country the domain belongs to. Using the country domain after the generic domain

Happens. The country domain is called the second-level domain at any given time. Country Dominion

Below are some examples-

  • .bd Bangladesh
  • .us United States
  • .uk united kingdom
  • .au Australia
  • .jp Japan
  • .in India
  • .my Malaysia
  • .sg Singapore

Remember to be a domain, much like a file. For example, multiple files of the same name cannot be kept in the same place with the same name.

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