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Remove & Add Watermark Apps Download for Free Apk

This application can be used to remove images and videos.
You can add text and images
You can suppress a watermark by clicking on the link below. At this end there are logos that work perfectly for the media.
How to use
Soon you will see an option to select an image or video as soon as you start the app
After selecting the selection you are asked to remove or add a watermark
If you select the Remote Log option, then you can see the logo on this screen to apply the filter. You can choose the zoom option and choose the pinch to select the small watermark area.
If you select the ADD LOGO option you can see the text, or you can change the font.
Color, size or spin.
Pre You can use default images as a watermark or save your specific settings as templates.
Save the save button and wait for the process.
Watermarks are stored in the MANAGER folder in all export SD card root directories. You can view the process files using the ‘My Gallery’ screen.
Frequently asked questions
How to add more fonts

Copy the font file (.ttf) to Watermark MANAGER -> Font directories and applications will select those fonts from there.
How to improve the processed video quality
In the top right corner there is a gear icon, use slow motion.
How to save my logo settings templates
Click on the top of the page and click “Save Template” -> Name the template and you are done.
Prefabricated LOGO
These are an image that comes with watermarks, these can be loaded from the screen.
What to do if you want to remove more water
Use the plus (+) action button to specify another watermark area.
No video format is supported
Mainly MP4 but your video is trans-coded in MP4 in any other format.
What’s new

Fixed various video and image processing errors, including
Portrait images are captured using landscape cameras.
Video is not processed.
Remove the details of the digital world and add watermark

We remove and add the file to Android 4.0.3+ and Watermark 2.9-Lite APK for this. Remove and add watermarks is a free video player and editor app. It’s easy to download and install on your mobile phone.
Install and remove Watermark 2.9-Light APK without any changes.
Average rating is 5 out of 5 stars in a playstore. If you want to know more about it, click here
Add your photo watermark. Save, and share your property with text, images, transparency, rotation, alignment. Lots of settings and features, automatic processing and batch mode.
Contact us via email or website for support and assistance (see below)!
Full Version Basic Features:
• Taking photos with the camera
• Quick part of Facebook, Twitter, Flickr etc
• Font, color and other effects in text mode
• 72 built-in fonts, 20 custom fonts can be imported
• Easy reuse in recent Watermark texts
• Add other features such as timestamps, file names, GPS tags, and text watermarks
• Processing multiple images in batch mode
• Full support for EXIF data
• Saving the target as .jpg or .png
• Watermark as a transparent PNG image support
• Resize by rename and save
Free version restrictions:
• User-defined image-watermarks are disabled
• Save as .jpg, up to 1024 px in long side
• Disable fast after saving
There are no auto mode launches from the share menu, no batch mode
Please note that due to device the device is more than 6-8 megapixels. If so, it is advisable to use downsize while saving. Automatically fixes the appendix to avoid out-memory errors in the document.
Another Android limitations: Android 4.4 (kitkat) and above. Use the device’s internal memory instead.
Useful Tips:
• Delete original pictures after watermarking, because you can remove watermarks from processed images.
TrueType or OpenType font in your “addwatermark / custom_fonts” folder on your device.
To add watermarks directly to galleries or other applications, use the Send or Share command and select Add Water Marker.
Share photos of Facebook, Twitter, Flickr etc. Enable sharing after saving to “save dialog”. The associated application must be installed on the device.
• Use a photo as a photo watermark to perform% date% datestamp. You find more useful placeholders in Settings / General

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