Talikhata Apps Download

Talikhata Apps Download

Talikhata Apps Download . Keep track of all your business in the digital talikhata app. It can be used without internet. And completely free.

Free SMS alerts
Realize the rest in less time
Free SMS is sent to your customer at the time of purchase of the rest. This makes it easy for you to recover the rest, and collects the rest regularly and quickly.

Safe and secure
Thoughtless accurate calculation
Accurate accounting of business transactions is kept through mobile phone app. Cash or all other types of accounts can be recorded instantly. Through this, the sales and purchase and income and expenditure reports of the business can be easily seen.

Transaction profile
Easy loans to grow a business
A database and profile of a transaction of your business is created by keeping an account in Talikhata. With this information, you can get a loan on easy terms without any mortgage as a small trader to expand your business.

Talikhata Apps Download

SureCash Wallet
Advantages of digital payment
By adding your own mobile banking account in Talikhata, you can easily accept digital payments from customers, make payments to suppliers and transact directly with the bank.

Talikhata Apps Download

1st: Can’t login, says ইন্টারনেট সংযোগ চালু করুন, whereas my net is on tried with both wifi and mobile data, unfortunately same result. Developers need to fix the bug 2nd: Well, later discovered that app wasn’t taking the name of business while renamed it accepted. But still I think it’s a bug to be fixed for name you can’t blame internet connection.

Business is now completely digital! Download Talikhata 2.0 app today.

Its a very nice application. Its very helpful for retailer to keep record their digital transaction.Its also helpful for any business person.Its also helpful for our daily personal transaction.By the way I think their need to mass communication and promotional activities to know the target customer

I had a idea for making this kind of apps.But i cloud not invest timely. You made it.good work .I have a suggestion. Please make it more user friendly. Most of the user may not understand clearly.Although i don’t who are your targeted user.Good luck.
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