Phone can be controlled by mouth

By | August 19, 2021
Phone can be controlled by mouth

US technology giant Google’s operating system Android has come up with tools specifically for capable people. As part of the fourth beta version of Android 12, the beta version of Android Accessibility Shoot brings new controls to the phone.

News Engadget. According to the report, the phone can be controlled through the user’s mouth through a new accessibility feature called ‘Camera Switches.’ If the user smiles or raises his eyebrows, the phone’s notification panel or quick settings will open. In addition, if yes, it will scroll before or after. According to XDA Developers, the new update will allow more than a dozen things to be done on the phone with six facial expressions.

There is the advantage of recognizing the size of facial movements, which can prevent any unnecessary action. Cam switches are based on the switch access feature of Android Accessibility Shoot. A lot of work can be done on the device with the switch access feature without the touchscreen.

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