Fast Charging Technology – What is it

By | February 19, 2021

My phone is not Fast Charging Supported. But if I connect my phone with a Fast Charger, will my phone be charged soon? I will discuss this question in more detail today.

Fast Charger (FastCharger). But. Here is the information. Every company Fast Charger- has different names, adaptive Charger, Samsung Fast Charger, and Quick Charger. There are many more names. Do you want to understand this difference from the words? And Fast Charger is an essential thing?

The matter of quick charge has been started since 2013. Qualcomm conducted a new Technology Review called “Qualcomm Quick Charge,” a 10W Charger. The previous chargers were more than 5W. But when it comes to 10W, the phones start charging faster. This is the story of Fast Charging. When you see a charger, you will notice that the word written on the Charger’s body is Volts ~ mAh. Many Chargers have 5-Volts 1mAh, 2mAh Barobeshile. Volts at the beginning. For example, 5-Volt then “M” means 1mp = Max Current output. Now multiplying these two will determine how many watts your Charger will set.

Note: A Charger 5V x 2A = 10W. This is a 10W charger. 9V x 2A = 18W. So 18W Charger. Here it is said that Watt (Watt) is as much as Charge Speed. Can an 18W charger work on any phone? Answer: No. Because you will charge your phone with Fast Charger. If there is circuitry in the phone, if there is a battery, it must have the ability to take this power. So if the phone is Fast Charging Supported, it will not work even if you put Fast Charger on the phone.

Now you can ask: If the phone is not Fast Charging Supported if you put Fast Charge on this phone, will there be any problem with the phone? Because phones have the technology. The technology that communicates with the phone charger. Can I pay 18W for the charger phone? Not so much. I can get up to 10W. Then the Charger says, OK, take 10W. So when such communication between two people happens, there is no other problem. Because the phone does not have 18W, the phone will give you the Charger, and you will get the phone.

All phone companies say that there is a charger with the phone to use. That will be better for the users. However, sometimes it can be a Charger Blast. These can be caused by Third Party Battery or Third Party Charger. However, these are very rare.

Does each company have the same Charger – a different name for Kekenda? So Quick Charge-1, 2, 3, 4 Plus is out now. Now that Qualcomm has branded it, other companies have renamed it Fast Charger. The Charger is the same. But the companies have renamed it Charger.

Hope you understand what Fast Charger is. Even then, if you have any questions about Fast Charger, you can leave a comment. Thanks.

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