FPS – Frame Per Second (Frame Rate)

By | February 28, 2021

Today’s article is about FPS = Frame Per Second What? It is important to know why, how much to shoot in FPS.

FPS = Frame Per Second; if you do a little ghat video or buy a new Smartphone, you will see that this phone is said to record video at 30FPS, 60FPS, 120FPS, 920 FPS video can be recorded.

Before we know what FPS is, we need to understand how video works.
There is another name for the video called Motion Picture. Motion = which moves and Picture = which we know as photo or Picture. Video means: There are many Stile Pictures in the video when one Picture after another is placed from that Picture, and when we see it, it feels like animation and a video.

So when you record video with a camera, the camera takes photos one after the other, so the number of pictures that the camera will take in a second is FPS = Frame Per Second. If you select 24FPS = Frame Per Second from your camera, your camera will take 24 pictures per second. If you choose 30FPSS, it will take 30 photos per second. If your camera has 1000FPS = Frame Per Second, then if you decide 1000FPS = Frame Per Second, your camera will take 1000 photos per second. And put them one by one, and when you look at them, if you are shown 1000 photos per second, there will be an animation or movement. And this is how the video is made.

If 24FPS = Frame Per Second is given to your camera, it means your camera will take 24 photos per second. And each picture is called a frame. So the more FPS = Frame Per Second photo you take from your camera, the more your Picture will capture your camera and stark them together. This is FPS = Frame Per Second.

Now your question may be how many FPS = Frame Per Second should be shot? Again, many people think that the more FPS = Frame Per Second will be shot, the better it will be to watch the video! This is an entirely wrong idea. Reason: If you watch Hollywood or Bollywood movies, you will notice that Movie but FPS = Frame Per SecondPlay. This means that the film you are watching is shot at 24FPS = Frame Per Second. This is because 24FPS = Frame Per Second has a lot of Motion Blur, which is very close to our Realistic Bhur. For this reason, 24FPS = Frame Per Second- Ecinemas are shot. And it is called cinematic framerate 24.

And the standard is 30FPS = Frame Per Second which we watch on YouTube or Television. Again it is called 29FPS = Frame Per Second. It is said to be of two kinds in two places in the US and Europe. So 30FPS and 29FPS are the same things.

Now the question is, when will you shoot at a high frame rate. If you want to do SlowMotion, then you will hit more FPS = Frame Per Second. Shoot at minimum 60FPS = Frame Per Second. If you shoot at 60FPS = Frame Per Second, then if you play that video at 30FPS = Frame Per Second, your video will be half slow, and your video will play. Then you will get the effect of SlowMotion. If you shoot at 120FPS = Frame Per Second and play it at 30FPS = Frame Per Second, you can slow down four times here.

Then you can see 4-times Slow from your original Speed ​​at 30FPS = Frame Per Second. The video that people have recorded the slowest so far in the world is 10 Brilliant FPS. With which the Speed of light can be captured.

If I shoot video at 120FPS = Frame Per Second, and if I don’t do SlowMotion, what is the problem? A: There are some problems here. For example, our eyes always see a Motion Blur. For example, if you move one of your hands, but not all the fingers of your hand can be seen clearly.

But our eyes also see this way. Whenever you shoot a video at 120FPS = Frame Per Second, you can see the fingers in each frame. There will be no Motion Blur. It doesn’t seem realistic. Looks very Artificial. And it doesn’t look so good in the eyes. This is why many do not record video at high FPS. That’s just one reason. Another reason may be that if you register more videos at FPS, it will take more software for editing. It will take more time to render more file space. These factors are not combined to shoot more FPS = Frame Per Second.

And if you talk about the industry, there aren’t many FPS = Frame Per Second shoots because they determine the cost for each frame. Hollywood movies that are rendered have a different price for each frame if they have 30 frames per second. That’s why the less they can shoot in Frame Per Second, the better for them, the lower the cost.

Although modern movies are not named below 24Frame Per Second.
For those of us who shoot to make videos, we will suggest Standard 30Frame Per Second. And if you want to do SlowMotion, plug 60, 120 as long as you want to support your camera.

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