Power Banks Things you need to know before buying

By | April 19, 2021

Many people who have problems with phone charges use Power Bank. If you are a Power Bank User or are thinking of buying Power Bank, today’s article is for you.

Today we will discuss what to keep in mind before buying a Power Bank. And you should know these things even if you buy them.

Brand: The first mistake we make before buying a Power Bank. We believe whatever the shopkeeper offers us. But this is a big mistake. It would help if you recharged before buying Power Bank. You need to know which brand of Power Bank to buy. Many Power Banks available in the market may have written 20,000mAh / 50,000mAh or 70,000mAh or more. After we purchased them, we noticed that the mAh given in Power Bank does not work. It swells again a few days later. Bursts. Is ruined. There are various problems.

Buy a slightly different brand of the power bank. You can buy only by checking the background of the brand that you know. If someone offers, you don’t believe in a hurry. This is a big mistake.

Capacity: The power bank we have is a 10,000 mAh power bank of RAF power. The phone we have has a battery of 5,000 mAh. We usually think that a 10,000 mAh Power Bank can charge my 5,000 mAh Mobile Battery twice. But no, it can’t. If you buy a 10,000 / 20,000 mAh Power Bank from a store, you will not get 10,000 mAh / 20,000 mAh Power from that Power Bank.

Now your question may be: So do the companies lie to us? No Company does not lie to you. The 10,000mAh Power Bank has 10,000mAh Power, but when it is charged to your phone, there is some power loss. Why is this? The batteries used in Normally Power Bank are Lithium Ion or Lithium Polymer. Most of the storms that have been made recently are Lithium Polymer. So those batteries have High Volts 3.7 Standard Volts. But when our phone is charged, it takes a minimum (5-Volts). 

A charge is not below 5-Volts. To convert these 3.7 Volts (to 5-Volt), a Conversion Chip was installed in the Power Bank. When the Chip moves the power from 3.7 to 5 Volt, we lose some Power. This is called conversion loss. So Power Bank Company is not telling us wrong. We are bad, so maybe many people will think that with a 10,000 mAh Power Bank, a 5,000 mAh battery can be charged twice. In general, you will get 20% -25% less charge from the total charge of Power bank.

When you buy a Power Bank, calculate that you will get 7000-7500 mAh Power from a Power Bank of 10,000 mAh. The rest becomes conversion loss. So in no way will a 5,000 mAh Batey be fully charged twice. With this in mind, if you buy a power bank, you don’t have to worry.

Ports: (Power): We have two ports to charge in the Power Bank. Output Port & Input Port. It can be seen that there are many Power Banks which have only 1 Port. If you want to charge more than one device, you have to buy a Power Bank of 2 Ports. Or if you have more ports, then you can also like it.

One thing to know here is how much it will cost to charge from 2 ports at a time, but it is written in the packet of Power Bank. Note that if the volts of the two ports are equal, then buy. And if there is more or less, then it will take more time to be charged with less. And it will take less time to charge with the more.

Another thing to know is that if the port for input is Micro USB, you need to use Micro USB Cable. And if it is USB Type-C, then you need to use a USB Type-C Port. This issue is completely defined on your mobile. If your mobile is Micro USB, then buying a Micro USB Power Bank would be better. This allows you to charge both with a cable. And if your phone is USB Type-C, then you should buy a USB Type-C Power Bank. This will allow you to continue with a cable. And if you think Power Bank & Mobile will charge with a separate cable, then you can do that too.

Size: It is often seen that when you go to buy a Power Bank of more mAh, you buy a Power Bank of a much larger size. Later it was seen that the power bank was too big to move. So it is suggested for you to buy a Medium Power Bank within the minimum amount. Perfect for you. 

However, the power bank size must be kept in mind. Don’t be the too big size. There are several types of Power banks: It can belong. It can be seen that despite having 10,000 mAh, try to buy smaller ones. This will not be a problem to move with your Power Bank. You can easily carry it in your pocket.

Unique Features (Extra Features): Power Bank can have various features such as torchlight, Charge display can have many more features, we think you can buy them Power Bank Charge display if you have a charge You will see that if there is a torchlight, then you can do the work of the torchlight.

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