Security risks in Chrome browser

By | August 31, 2021

Google has discovered seven new security risks in the Chrome browser of US search giant Google. So they advise users to update the Chrome browser as soon as possible. Google announced the new cyber risk in a blog post. Cybercriminals did not elaborate on how to take advantage of those vulnerabilities in the Chrome browser. Technology site TechReader reports that those security vulnerabilities have been found in the web version of Chrome, regardless of the platform.

This means that all widely used operating systems such as Windows, MacOS and Linux are at risk of cyber security. Of the seven bugs Google has mentioned, two are related to Type Confusion in V. There are four bugs in Printing, Extension API, WebRTC and Angle.

The last bug was identified in Race in WebAudio. Google is unlikely to provide further details until the bug problem is resolved. The V7 is an open source JavaScript engine, part of the workings of Chrome and WebRTC. This technology is used to send audio and video data from one browser to another and mobile app.

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