What is cloud computing?

By | July 20, 2021

Cloud computing is one of the most technologically advanced technologies in the computer world in recent times. In the current era of ICT, everything depends on the concept of cloud computing. The idea of cloud computing Has ushered in a groundbreaking revolution in the computer world. Cloud computing means renting Internet-based services, software, or hardware.

Currently, we are the ones who use the Internet on computer or mobile Almost everyone in the place has a Facebook account, e-mail, or other social media account. We have given status to our Facebook or other social media account or transmit mail through an e-mail account whenever we want.

I can even see them through the Internet until I delete them in the status of the mail.

Have you ever wondered where these works are, processed or stored on a computer in any country? None of us users know where the work is, what country’s computer is processed or stored. Because These service providers have a large number of servers in different countries of the world, they are providing these services to a large number of clients. Here are the services we are talking about I get it for free.

Many organizations offer various services over the Internet for a fee; For example, domain name registration, website hosting, etc.

These are all known as cloud computing. In other words, cloud computing is a group of remote servers using computer resources such as hardware, software, network, etc., to provide different types of services through the Internet.

In this case, the computer resource is under the supervision of the service provider. The buyer or the user uses only the cheapest and cheapest computer to connect to the service provider’s server through the Internet and perform the necessary computing work. Because the service provider’s infrastructural resources are not visible to the buyer or user, it is called cloud computing.

The idea of ​​the cloud today is to have a large data center where thousands of servers can quickly solve all the complex problems of countless clients.

Cloud computing is not a technology in a specific corner, but it is a business model. In other words, both the buyer and the service provider benefit commercially through this.

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