What is nanotechnology, and what can be done?

By | July 9, 2021

Nana is a unit of measurement. The Greek word is nanus, and the Latin word is a nanny.

Origin. Nana was the first to speak on technology (December 29, 1959).

American physicist Richard Feynman. In his speech, he describes a process by which.

Each molecule and atom can be skillfully developed and used. Norio Taniguchi, a scientist at the University of Tokyo in Tokyo, spoke on the subject. According to him, “by the process of separating, consolidating or shaping matter by a molecule or atom Technology is the key to change.”

K K. Eric Drexler

In 1970, K. Eric Dexler disagreed with Richard Feynman. According to him, “Nana’s technology is not based on probability, but on the control of molecules and atoms individually.” Basically, from this time onwards, this technology has been dramatically improved.

Even the invention of the scanning tunneling microscope (STP) in 1971

Then a clear idea about the structure and bonding of atoms can be obtained. As a result, it is possible to see the formation of molecules. Because of this, the technology provides the ability to create new angled objects from a single atomic scale.

In other words, as a result of this technology, the corners can be made so small that it is no longer possible to make them smaller. Even 20 years ago, no one could have imagined that a memory stick is complete.

The encyclopedia can be saved.

And now it is even more unbelievable that the whole encyclopedia can be stored in a chip whose shape is equal to the form of a dust particle. If you divide 1 meter into 1 billion or one hundred billion, then you are 1

Nana will get it. Or if you split a bacterium into 200 equal parts, one part will be similar to one nanna.

And this is the atom scale manage-technology. It is a technology that relies on tiny objects, that is, on the nature of their formation and the structure of atoms.

The same type of material is the engineering of the compelling method of molecular dimensions. Nanotechnology or Nanaye technology. Currently, high-power products are being used which are being made using nanotechnology techniques and tools. To protect the environment, it has made significant changes in technology by forming matter on a molecular or atomic scale, which has made it a technology-based industry and science.

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