How is it possible to protect healthy yourself from memory loss or ‘forgetting’?

By | September 26, 2021

How is it possible to protect healthy yourself from memory loss or ‘forgetting’

Techniques to protect yourself from memory loss or ‘forgetfulness’-

Regular exercise: Physical well-being and mental well-being work with one another. Regular exercise is good for the lungs. Studies show that brain activity in people with good lungs works quickly and the memory is sharp. Regular exercise also helps to reduce your risk of diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and stroke – diseases that mainly reduce memory. mental health day
So, walk a lot, use stairs instead of elevators, play sports, get admitted to the gym. health definition

Balanced diet: Refined carbohydrates such as white bread, biscuits, and candy contain sugar and do not contain any nutrients. Refined carbohydrates are unhealthy as they provide calories and are deficient in vitamins, minerals, and fiber. By eating them, sugar enters the bloodstream directly and (bad cholesterol) increases blood sugar levels. health point. This will put your body at risk due to diabetes and high blood pressure which will reduce your memory.
So take crude carbohydrates such as bananas, nuts, sweet potatoes, brown rice, apples, and donkey green vegetables, etc.

Lots of sleep: Sleep is brain fuel, proper sleep refreshes the brain and helps it work faster. And sleep for at least six to eight hours every night. health insurance
If you suffer from insomnia or insomnia, make these rules a habit that will give you sleep every night. Set a fixed time to sleep, lie down at that time every night.
Exercise in the morning instead of the evening.
Avoid tea, coffee before sleep.
Don’t take bed rest during the day.
Drink a glass of hot milk before going to bed.
Build strong relationships: Building and maintaining a healthy good relationship with family members, friends, neighbors, and people on the street can be different ways to enhance your mental performance.
So, contact old friends, meet them, chat, or join a library, or literary club. health first

Keep learning: Research shows that the higher the level of human education, the more you learn, the stronger your mind and the stronger your memory will be. health quest

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