How many miles should I walk every healthy day to lose 25kg?

By | September 26, 2021

How many miles should I walk every healthy day to lose 25kg?

I’m saying three points. And that’s all my opinion. healthy, I’m responsible for the mistake. I deserve praise if that’s right. 😀

#Usually those who just want to walk and lose weight will have to walk at least 10,000 steps a day. health literacy. Minimum. That means walking at least 8 km a day. Now the thing is that you walked 8 km and ate it in Gandepind. So God only knows how long you will lose 25 kg. If you burn calories on one side and add a lot of calories to your meals, it will be like a square sum.
#If you walk 8 km daily and moderate the diet and drink plenty of water then there will be an opportunity to lose 1 kg a week. It’s easy to lose about three kilograms in the first month but the strange thing is (my own experience) since the fourth week, I don’t want to lose weight quickly. It does not decrease by more than half a kilogram or 780 grams a week. Then you have to start working hard. Running for a while walking or exercising for a minute in the middle, breaking stairs, health food store. climbing a slightly higher road and increasing the walking speed. In that case, one kg to 1.5 kg of weight will be lost a week. Walking on a weight vest will help you lose weight more.
#You walk at least 8km every day and play nothing. Nothing means nothing. Flower fasting. No water. Then after three days, your weight will start to lose weight. And after about five to six days you won’t even have the power to give a step. mental health day Without walking, without eating and sitting, you will become a skeleton in a smoldering state.
How much walking will lose twenty-five kilograms of weight and how long it will be down to the person’s BMI (body mass index) and metabolism (metabolism rate). If you are fat according to BMI, a lot of patience and dedication with regular walking (brisk walk), exercising, keeping your stomach clean, drinking water, eating controlled food will allow you to lose 25 kg between 25 and 30 weeks.

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