How to increase health?

By | September 25, 2021

Tips for being fat around the world where there is a smoke of being thin? Must be very surprised? Even if you’re surprised, many won’t be. Rather, these weight gain tips will bring him a sigh of relief.

It is often heard from physically thin people how to be fat, eat so much but can’t be fat.

Here are 10 ways to gain weight for you

1. Get up in the morning and have nuts and raisins
There is no substitute for nuts and raisins to gain weight. Soak half a cup of almonds and raisins in a little water while sleeping at night. Eat them when they swell in the morning.

2. Eat a lot of vegetables and fruits
Wondering if they are eaten to lose weight, aren’t they? This fruit and vegetable will also help you gain weight. There are many fruits and vegetables that are high in calories. Eating fruits and vegetables like mango, jackfruit, litchi, banana, ripe papaya, sweet pumpkin, sweet potatoes, raw banana etc. health, will lead to weight gain. and healthy food.
If you don’t gain weight without doing this, definitely contact a good doctor. health care. Because even if there is a dormant disease, it can lead to sick and broken health.

3. Increase the amount of food
Increasing the amount of food does not mean eating a pile. If you are thin due to low intake, you have to increase the amount of food. Eat 1%of what you eat naturally by increasing the amount of food you eat every day.

4. Give up the habit of eating again and again
Many people think that eating again and again will lead to weight gain. That’s not right at all. Instead, eat with your stomach in accordance with the rules. Eating full lying down reduces metabolism, causing a lot of excess weight in the calories of food to accumulate in the body. Eating a little more frequently increases metabolism, resulting in weight loss. health will county health department quotes.

5. Keep fried food in dipped oil in the diet
Fried foods in submerged oil contain a lot of fat. As a result, it is helpful in gaining weight. But carry a lot of fresh vegetable salads.

6. Practice going to the gym
Wondering why people go to the gym to lose weight, to gain? But the fact is, health, it won’t be just fat. You have to make a well-built body with it. health, You’ll go to the gym to build muscles, and if men want to gain weight, going to this gym is actually very effective. Muscle weight is much higher than fat, and exercise will also make you hungry and eat with your heart. But you must exercise at the behest of an experienced trainer. Otherwise there is a danger of being reversed. health point.

7. Eat “Fan” Rice-
Most people throw away rice fans. A lot of rice starch goes with the fan by throwing away the fan. It is better not to throw a rice fan if you want to gain weight. This will greatly benefit you in gaining weight. Atop rice fan rice will also be fun to eat.

8. Milk and honey just before going to bed
An infallible technique for weight gain. Definitely eat something nutritious before going to bed at night. Mix a lot of honey in a glass of thick milk every day before going to bed.

Why eggs are essential food for us?

9. Reduce metabolism rate
Just as slow metabolism is responsible for obesity, health high metabolism rates are responsible for poor health. So to get fat, you have to reduce this metabolism rate first. The food you eat will give you the opportunity to accumulate in your body as an extra weight. health insurance. Rest for a long time after meals every day to keep the metabolism rate low. Do not do any work for at least 1 hour after meals.

10. Add some special foods to the diet
Along with your regular meals, you must add some high calorie foods to the diet, otherwise why gain weight? If you don’t have high blood pressure problems, you can eat these foods easily. E.g. ghee/butter, eggs, cheese/cheese, soft drinks, cow-khaki meat, potato fry, sweet foods, chocolate, mayonnaise etc. health quest. health insurance.

However, if you do not gain weight, you should check your body with the help of a medical treatment and treat a disease. If there is stomach ailment, worms, dysentery or any infectious diseases, eating enough food also leads to weight loss. healthy, Weight loss continues even if you are too tired. If this happens, the patient should be brought back to normal by increasing rest, sleep, etc.

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