I’m not healthy, can I eat vitamins now?

By | September 25, 2021



First, you need to know what your food tastes like. Don’t want to eat or what do you like to eat? If the attraction towards food is low, eat regularly with a piece of ginger with light salt every day. This will increase your food needs as well as increase digestion. And drink half a liter of water on an empty stomach soon after waking up in the morning it will solve your stomach problems and help make your weak cells aware instantly. And make you a healthy person.

Now let’s see what you love to eat.

Eating too much or eating less is not the main thing. It’s about what your stomach is filling up with. Stop eating healthy. Eat a small amount of healthy food. health insurance. You must know that the stomach is the second brain of the human body. health insurance, What you provide in the stomach is your brain and body food. So it should not be given less importance. health and wellness. health definition.

What to eat to get fat. health first.

Eat more underground items if you don’t have stomach problems. For example, potatoes, sweet pumpkins, owl, nuts, etc. Eat health first and healthy will increase the meat in your body as well as increase the blood level. healthy, Soak 10 pieces of raw chickpeas and 5 please healthy bean regularly every night and drink on an empty stomach the next morning. health insurance

Apply the morning sunlight on it. health and wellness. You must know that sunlight is the main source of vitamin D. Vitamins will guide your body’s existing vitamins to work well.

The problem is that we can’t maintain discipline. I change the routine only after 4-5 days. health insurance. You have to be patient in everything to get good results. Inshallah will see improvement in 1 month. health insurance.

One more thing to keep in mind is that being fat does not mean being healthy. Thank you.

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