Smoke if you want to follow the path of suicide.

By | September 26, 2021

And if you want to live in a beautiful world, you must quit smoking. Smoke, Nowadays many cigarette packets abroad have such warning signals written on them. Smoking is seriously harmful to health. Smoking has harmful aspects including lung cancer, narrowing of the heart blood vessels, increasing the risk of heart attack, preventing blood circulation to the brain, reducing sexual potency. Many people want to deport this killer called smoking forever, but smoking is no longer free for various reasons.

Experts have suggested 13 ways to protect yourself from smoking addiction. Following these can definitely be possible without smoking. These 13 ways are:

1. First decide why it is important for you without smoking. smoking quotes, That is, why do you want to quit smoking? For example, to reduce the risk of cancer and heart attack.
2. It is not right without smoking without any kind of therapy or alternative medication. Because the brain becomes dependent on cigarette nicotine in many cases. When you give up, you start with various symptoms. So you have to think about alternative cigarette therapy.
3. Alternative nicotine gum, lozenges, etc. should be used.
4. Alternative nicotine medicines can be taken. smoking room hotel,
5. In not quitting smoking alone, encourage other family members (if smokers), smoking ribs, friends, and colleagues to quit smoking together.
6. Try to reduce stress. Take a light massage if necessary.
7. Avoid alcohol.
8. Try to do household chores or any other work to divert attention.
9. Try again and again to quit smoking. Don’t smoke again once you quit. smoking girl,
10. Exercise regularly.
11. Eat a lot of green vegetables and colored fruits.
12. Spend a part of the financial savings you have by stopping smoking on public welfare or light entertainment.
13. And quit smoking not to please friends or lovers, but to do so for your good health. Take such a strong position.

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