What can be the damage to the health body after walking 15-20 km in a row?

By | September 26, 2021

What I think can happen when you walk fifteen to twenty kilometers in a continuous way is that your knee health Haddy means you may feel very unbearable pain or pain on your feet or knees when your heart is worn out.

Our knee joint sits with a lining called articular cartilage on two bones and is covered with a liquid called synovial fluid that helps to strengthen the knee joint by protecting the two bones of the knee from friction. health and wellness

glucosamine HCl helps in providing this synovial fluid. From the age of about twenty-five to thirty, our body begins to decay a little. health science

And moreover, this happens because we do not have a certain amount of glucosamine in our bodies. Recently, due to our khandas and for various other reasons, the amount of glucosamine in our body decreases. To increase the amount of it, we have to take some supplements from outside. health definition

Knee-deep picture:

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So to keep the knee joint normal, you should not walk fifteen to twenty kilometers. If you are young and you are a strong man, you can walk about one km to half a km. Because i think walking every day is very good for health. So walk, but 😁. health science

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