YouTube Earnings Deduction Issue Explained

By | April 12, 2021

The dollars or money that we earn from YouTube. All his money but does not come to our bank account. Some dollars or cash is deducted from there. Why is it done? Many people go to YouTube Analytics and see Estimate Revenue; there, you will often see one-day, two-day, or three-day-after-dollar increase and then decrease again.

Many people are a little worried about this issue. Again, many people think that YouTube is stealing. Giving us less money. Many are curious about what is happening here. Today we will discuss whether YouTube is cutting your dollars at all or not. And if so, what is the reason? Today we will discuss these issues in detail with you.

At the outset, yes, YouTube or Google cut your dollars. Occasionally there are reasons why YouTube or Google cut your dollars.
The first reason: (INVALID CLICKS / MULTIPLE CLICKS) “Invalid Click or Multiple Click” When your video is played, Google shows ads there. If the same person in that ad does “MULTIPLE Times CLICKS” from the same IP Address. Then they are called (INVALID CLICKS / MULTIPLE CLICKS) multiple clicks or invalid clicks.

When three clicks are made from the same IP Address in your ad, those three Click Amount are credited to your Estimate Revenue. But when Ultimate becomes your Estimate Review finalist on the 12th, when the Google Adsense account is transferred, then from there, two clicks-minus one-click money is credited to your Adsense account. Because of this, many people lose dollars. Because there are people who accidentally click on your ad, again, many people click intentionally. So these clicks do not count.

The second reason: (COPYRIGHT CLAIM) “Copyright claim” You have earned a lot of money from a video over the last month. But at the end of the month, “COPYRIGHT CLAIM” appeared in your video. Because you used someone else’s content in your video. Then you transfer the Income from that video to YouTube. Because of this, you will see a significant income drop.

By “COPYRIGHT CLAIM,” we do not mean “Copyright strikes.” In addition to the copyright, monetization can be turned off. But a lot of times, you have Monetization On, but in the video, COPYRIGHT CLAIM came, and the dollar decreased.

This is because your copy of the video becomes shared. This means that there will be views on your channel, but all the Income from the video will go to the original owner of the video. It’s not too much one, though. This is called Revenue Sharing.

The third reason: (Do not spend dollars) “Do not cut dollars” Estimate Revenue from YouTube Analytics is declining. One day you see 12-Dollar the next day 10-Dollar the next day 9-Dollar 8-Dollar decreases day by day. Why is this?

This is not the place to cut your dollars. We look at the Income for a certain period. Examples: There is a 28-day or last 7-day. When we look at the previous 7-day Income, suppose you saw today that your channel had generated 14-Dollar Income in the previous seven days. When one day is deducted from here, there will be no more 14-Dollars, because one-day Income will be hidden from your Analytics, and one-day Income will be added in the future.

Here, your Income is not deducted. Your Income goes up.
If you make 7-day Income from analytics 28-day, then all 28-day Income will be shown there. If you do LifeTime from there, it will show you how much Income you have earned since the beginning of your entire channel. This means that your dollar is not deducted from here; you are just looking at the Income of a specific time.

This is today’s article; we hope you will benefit from this article, and if you have any questions, please share them with us.

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